Today Will We Forget?


September 11, 2011 was another day of infamy. Today is a new day, will we remember the tragedy? Most will say “of course, HOW can we forget?” As we go forth into the day, let’s remember and be grateful for the air that we breathe. There are 2,977 people who do not have that opportunity who perished on that fateful day.

Yes, yesterday is gone. Today is here with its challenges. Tomorrow isn’t granted to any of us and if it is, it is a reprieve. Another day in paradise. If we forget yesterday let’s remember the number and ask that the families left behind be surrounded with Divine love today and the days to come.


The Meaning of Memorial Day


How many really know what Memorial Day means? My hope is the word memorial will ring a bell with some. Truly, let us really look at this holiday. It just came to mind that two presidential candidates running for president in 2016 have never been a part of the armed services whose sacrifice we honor on this day.

Who would sacrifice their own blood on their own soil and serve in the bloodiest Civil War in the US or the War of Independence?

Who would sacrifice their own blood on foreign soil and not think twice for the freedom of others? WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan  war. How many people in the Millennium Generation and Generation X even care or know about past wars?

This day is not all about barbecues, beer, brats, blockbusters, parades and beaches. Its more than that. Its remembering those who chose to go to a war and sacrifice for our freedoms of today. Freedom to vote. Freedom to protest. Freedom to voice and most of all freedom to love thy neighbor as thyself. For our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and their values to be preserved. 

My father served in the Air Force during WWII and came away as a Sargent. He served near Saipan and Tinian as an airplane simulator instructor. LINK  My father came home from that war. Many did not. 

When going to that cemetery and see the splendor of flags, remember those underneath the soil didn’t know us, but fought for us and served anyway. 


Thanks Dad!

Another Attack!

I promised myself that I would not talk or type about politics and religion. Again, another attack, in Belgium in an airport. Many don’t even want to comment on blogs, or in emails regarding these spontaneous attacks. Am I right to say, the world is at war by an evil force that it doesn’t even see or understand? At least, in WWI and WW2 and the military wars to follow, Vietnam and Korean war, the enemy was if not seen at least heard.

I’m tired of hearing the innocence screams and seeing the collateral damage of those who are just participating in their own business. When is it going to stop? How is it go to be stopped. The war of just words, evidently, is weak.


  “The Winds of War