A new Beginning

It’s a new day and after Mondays bump in the road (fender bender) I’ve decided to do one thing at a time. Mentally I had to realize accidents happen. I was an accident at birth. An oops as they say, since my parents weren’t expecting twins. Then I came along after my sister by 3 minutes. I also had to realize accidents just don’t happen to me and that no one is out to get me. I’m almost certain that driver-less cars will change the world. Of course, who would I have talked to exchange information if the truck was driver-less? Or even mumble some lady like swear words?

Oh hum. Hope everyone is having a good day in their book of life and is driving safe defensively.


The Box

Think outside the box. How many have heard this cliche? It originated to my knowledge back in the 60’s among the business world and actually I DO. How many of us NOT in the business world actually do this? How many even know the meaning?

Thinking outside the box means change. It also means, open mindedness. Leaving all your mindsets, tapes, experiences and attitudes aside. Throw them to the wind. 

The reason for this today is, at times I confess, I have a difficult time “thinking outside the box”. I can’t help but feel like an entity or an object in the box which I find insulting. Anyone remember the days when newspaper was used to wrap glassware to be placed into a box to move to our next address? There ya go! That’s what I feel like at times. 

Thinking outside the box means being creative, starting over, changing pace or taking on a new role. How many of us find change difficult? Its all about being creative. As I thought more and more about this today, I’m not in the business world and actually, since many of us have experienced this malady at some time or another, I have preferences. Instead of a box I prefer the following………..