Thanksgiving. A time for looking around and seeing not what we don’t have but what we do have. This statement seems to get lost in the everyday business of the 21st century. First thing most individuals do and I’m just guessing, is fly for their cell phones. The coffee pot. The TV remote. The chair at the kitchen table, grab the Black Friday ads and study the strategy for tomorrow. (Black Friday)

To really put it out there from the heart, I love Thanksgiving. The fall colors, slight chill if not brutal chill outdoors, all nice and crispy. Now for the indoors. The smell of turkey or ham, sweet potatoes, corn, roasted buns (and not mine) cranberry’s, egg nog. Beverages: Merlot and Lambrusco. Stemmed glasses and grandmothers favorite silverware of old.

As the celebration is being prepared, I wonder how many of us really and I mean really look around as we are in the crowded kitchen and count the things we do HAVE? Or are we eyeing the BIG TV’s, the next elaborate cell phone for selfies and the DOOR BUSTERS?

Today for myself and not selfishly but sharing, I’m thankful for God, family and friends. For two reasons. One, less costly. Two. Most important. I very seldom speak of biblical verses here, but today, is special. The one verse that I take kindly too is:

Matthew 6:25-27 “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

I will confess and beg the difference with part of the verse. Agree life IS more important but I think and believe, if I DIDN’T wear clothes, my life would truly cause an uproar and I’d be put somewhere where I’d be less important in my snug white coat. Yes, I do look at the birds as well, but yesterday, I saw my feathered friends grappling for food at the feeder. I’m not so sure God feeds them, but I do as my dependents. I’ve been chosen to provide willingly. Indirectly at times He does provide. Now if I could add them to my taxes at the end of year, it would be a joyous task at tax time.

Now on a serious side. It is so true how many of us worry and even are fearful today and fret with all that is going on around us. Not so easy, to just stop and NOT worry. What really struck me most about the passage is and quote “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” Stop and think about that.

How many single moments have been added to our lives (longevity) by worrying about the tax collector, the virus in our computers, rising cable costs, President Donald Trump inserting foot in mouth, and finally, worrying about where the next dollar will come from to feed the kids? Or the birds? 

In finality, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and life hasn’t dealt me the best hand. I’ve learned to play the hand, be grateful, stay in the game and not fold. Most of all, I’m thankful for all of that. 

Onward and upward’

Cold, Cold, Cold Go Away!

Times they are changing.
It brings us to realize we must rearrange
Socialization to hibernation.
Depending upon location.

Not just humans but ecology.
Mosquito, birds, bears, trees and plants
Affecting the ecology cycle
Keeping enthusiast from their motorcycles.

Onward and upward
Spewing cold cuss words
Until we see the spring and lake waves
Saying, its okay to come out of our home-made caves.

Conowingo Bald Eagles

These beautiful birds are located in Maryland. The following pics were taken by Bill_de at Ugly Hedge Hog who has given me permission to post his marvelous pictures. Personally, I thought Wisconsin was the only state to have the market of the bald eagle. How naive I can be! Also many line up on the Susquehanna River for this annual shooting event. 

Many photographers trying their hands at getting the catch of a great pic. Not with a pole neither.

A Motherless Daughter

Its Mothers Day again. “Good morning mom. Happy Mothers Day!” Yes, I even said those words today to her in hopes where ever she is, she will sense my love for her still.

What I’ve learned from my mother looking back at the 92 years with her are many things. Even in the journey of loss and the mountain of grief these last two and half years.

I recall the schedules we use to always have by gathering around the kitchen table as family. Mothers Day is a family day together and even if they are not with us on this side of the cosmos they are within us. Therefore, start up the grills! Bring out the buns and condiments along with the hot dogs. 

What comes to mind is a mothers job description.

Job Description: Long term, eternal

Responsibilities: See that the kids are clothed, fed, teeth brushed and have their homework done. This is called, Home Work Patrol. Be willing to lay awake at night waiting for the teenager of the family to bring home the family car safe and sound and the teen also. Be willing  to travel. Should have some knowledge of soccer, softball and
skinned knees. Must be willing to face stimulating technical problems such plugged toilets, gadget repair and zippers that are stuck. Must have organizational skills. Screen calls, maintain calendars and social events. Must be indispensable one minute, frazzled and embarrassed the next. Finally, must be conscious of cheap toys and safety. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them before explosion. Smile so your teeth hurt. 
To put it briefly, the candidate must be a chef, a nurse, taxi driver, tutor, keep secrets, hair stylist and janitor. 

Benefits: Butter fly kisses, burp messes, and lots of love.


Will be with family today knowing that its moms day and she would want it that way. She will be with us in mind and spirit. Geeee, I wonder if she liked a hot dog since we’re grilling!

Happy Mothers Day to All who have chosen to apply for this job.

The Meaning of Christmas……

Oh how I can remember the years of memories with family and gifts. Awaking early with my big brother leading the way. We let him this time. Up at the crack of dawn and stillness under the tree with abundance of gifts. Not a lot of gifts but just what the folks could afford. 

The styrofoam boots filled with candy and my eyes grew and grew. Searching around the tree, while the folks were still in bed, as today’s term has it, “it was awesome”. Back then we’d say to each other in whispers, “hey look what I got! What a gas!” or “Far Out.”

Aweeee yes, those tinsel aluminum trees. Before….            christmas-tree christmas-tree-after                                   After…..with the boots to spare…..christmasstyrofoamboats

The night  before was filled with sugar plums dancing in my head to the beat of “Thriller” if it were today. I will confess, our Christmas may have been a cultural thing, and gifts with the infamous Christmas tree.

The birth of Christ, to be honest, was far from our minds. I loved Christmas because of memories and family unity on that day. Religion was not in the picture or the fore front of our wee minds. The child in a manger????? With cows, a donkey, sheep, excrement…..Yuk! Three grown men who claimed to be wise? Reallyyy? Without a degree?

As I continued on in life, I came across my path in many ways of being touched by Christianity. The first encounter after family indoctrination, was in high school when a teacher was holding Bible Study at her home. Now before I go on, we all should know, when in high school there is peer pressure with a possible effected value system. With this said, I went to this Bible Study and was told I need to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I wanted to be accepted so I said, “ok, I did”. (When I didn’t because I had no clue what that meant) My first sour taste in my mouth with religion. I left that far behind when the Jesus didn’t produce for me as a Santa Claus and gifts.

Time went on, again I seemed to search out spirituality and not deeply and not on a daily basis.  I found many people who I came in contact with were people who were profoundly spiritual but non-threatening. None of this, “you gotta stuff, convert, wear your hair long, wear a skirt, don’t swear, no make up (my goodness, I’d look dead without it) blah blah blah.” They were people which I saw a softness in their eyes and love in their hearts.

Now that I have reached this passage of my life, the up and over passage, Christmas isn’t all about gifts, tinsel and Christmas trees. Although, I still kindly accept them, especially chocolate. 🙂

Christmas to me is having an open mind and believing that God will reveal Himself to me. Which the spirit energy has. The child surrounded by cows, donkey, sheep and wise men has new meaning to me today and every day. This child is in God and God is in this child  for our sake. Each and everyday God reveals Himself to me in many different ways, from the people he brings to me, the laughter, and the universe itself. (Gods Art) Is life easy? No. Not every day, but a lot easier knowing that there is even a meaning at all of Christmas that we each find in our hearts on the 25th of December, is a true consolation in the end of the journey. 

Merry Christmas Everyone to you and yours ~


A New Day in September!

How does that saying go? Today is the first day of the rest of my life? How many of us awake and are thankful for just awaking?

This morning that happened to me. I realized the summer is nearly finished and we will be heading into a new season.

The internal clock awakes stretching and yawning
To a new morn.
What will the day bring?
Crisis? Joy? A new birth?

Let us go forth on Mother Earth
Walk gently and graciously
Over late summer grasses
As the leaves prepare to sleep and undress the trees

indexSeptember it is!
Welcome with open arms
Embrace the day
Be the director in your own Broadway play! penguin


Better than a bar stool!

This is just going to be a fun post. Nothing serious, political or profound. Just sharing a happening.

Its cold in Wisconsin, still.  Its the middle of May as some of you look at your calendars. I was asked to come to a bonfire (bun or bon?) last nite and like most I looked at the calendar then my coats! Put on a warm coat, leashed up the dog and headed for the bonfire which was just around the corner. I only knew one person in the beginning of the evening but as time went on, I knew all eight of them. Now don’t ask me their names today, but I know there faces.

Here we are huddled up to this outdoor fireplace not just in coats but in gobs of blankets! Funny thing, we didn’t see our breaths with it being cold. Thank goodness. We did a lot of sharing and just some good healthy laughing with hot drinks, a lot of coffee.

I had to share a story about my bumble bee “Frank” that I saved throughout the week. Yes, saved. You all read it right. Early in the morning one day last week, I was tramping down to the basement to the laundry basket looking for lets say socks. I didn’t have my coffee yet, so I was only navigating with one eye open without my glasses. I get to the bottom of the stairs and lo and behold, I see what I thought at the time a tarantula crawling on the floor! I crept forward-looking, looking, looking and NOT a tarantula, but a black and yellow bubble bee the size of a quarter. Yikes!

My dog was at the top of the stares debating to come down and I said frantically, “NO don’t!” We have a serious situation down here!!!!!!! Of course, she looked at me like I was delusional. Knowing that the bee population is diminishing, I wanted to yes, save him from being crushed with my Mickey Mouse bedroom slipper and full weight.

After reviewing the situation, I grabbed a towel and wrapped him in it and went upstairs to the back yard to release him. I opened the towel, and to my surprise he was gone! Gulp! Ok, wait a minute. Lets go back down stairs and see if Frank escaped the towel. Yup, sure enough, he was on the floor again trying desperately to escape. I tried again, picked him up and wrapped him like a Christmas gift this time and took Frank outside. I placed the towel on the fence and the wings started flapping and buzzing. In no time, he experienced his freedom!

I’m sure the queen bee will be wondering where he has been all this time! Out cavorting. My hope is, she will be very grateful for his return. So its onward and upward with pollination and I’m hoping to see a jar of honey  free on my front porch! No worries, I’m NOT delusional, nor am I going to wait for it, but it would be nice for some gratification from the queen! images2

The night was better than a bar stool!

Spring Cleaning

Well, in some places its spring! In other places, it’s still sweat shirts, coats and flannel shirts. Ugh!

When spring does arrive, it’s not only a time for celebration but deep cleaning. Another ugh! Spring cleaning can also be looked at as a time to move the furniture out of the room. Now that isn’t written in stone and sounds not too committing. Maybe, just maybe, we could do that. Or we can look at this project as two things;

1) a commitment to something new

2) something old ends; something new begins