Those Golden Globes

I never really sit down and watch anything such as this out of Hollywood. Why I did, I don’t know. Maybe gravity tugged on my hindquarters and it was to be. I get the Golden’s mixed up with the Emmys. Its only out of curiosity that I watch and it was quite the change from Fire and Fury promotions. (All about Trump book) Although, even watching this, there was a rally cry from the notable Oprah Winfrey. 

Here are the winners and nominees for 2018. Globes So its forward we go with a new day on the horizon Oprah Rally Cry according to Oprah. 

To me, my new day is not on the horizon but forever present. The only thing missing was the leather. My viewing showed me lace, low-cut and slit dresses with beautiful faces. Picturesque images of woman who would entice any mans lustful imagination. Soooooo

My point is, don’t play the part and you won’t have to  say, “me too”! Yes, an age of awareness and rightfully so. It truly has gone on too long, not just in Hollywood but usually everywhere. The rally cry “Never Again” and having to say, “me too”; I doubt that. It will be “Not Again”, Oprah! It’s the skin Oprah! The skin! 


I’m not saying dress like this……nun  The moral to this is, if one flaunts it taunts. Expect paying a price. If one doesn’t ask for abuse or harassment, which I’m sure is an under statement, REPORT, REPORT, REPORT behavior and not in the next century. Two sides to a pancake! 

This is not a political issue, so don’t make it such. This is not woman power. Don’t make it such. Its common sense. Just my humble opinion. 

Putting Out

Positiveness. How many of us have given a random compliment? “Oh, what a nice hair style!” Looking down we may notice a new pair of shoes. 


say, “Oh, I like your shoes!” At first it seemed awkward to me to compliment someone until I realized, how good it felt to make someone else feel better.

Life is hard anyway and the world can be a shitty place. Not many people compliment me only because I don’t go to the beauty parlor often nor to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes often. BUT when it does happen, its amazing how the nugget of kindness lasts a long time when someone notices.

How many of those people that have been complimented walk away feeling a whole lot better than before the compliment? All it takes, is not so much a village, but a few good men and woman, to just throw out that complimentary nugget to make someones day. When is the last time you complimented someone?



How many of us find it hard to forgive someone? I can hear in my thoughts people saying (no I’m not hearing voices) “but if only you knew what he/she did to me you’d understand.” Well, maybe that is true. Its so easy to be bound up in the situation and not let go of the “hurt” and “anger” of the moment. Most of the time when the offender lashes out, they too are in pain.

How do we release ourselves from this? Speaking from experience, its so much easier to hang on to the bitterness, but that is only to keep us held captive to ourselves. The minute we release and forgive, we set ourselves “free”.

Actually the one that is hardest to forgive is the one who teaches us the greatest lesson. Its so much easier rising above the situation and loving ourselves enough to let go.

Have a rewarding day!