Your Riskiest Adventure

While driving along the other day I was viewing some beautiful trees along the side of the road. While reflecting, I couldn’t help but think of the days of “tree climbing”.
Risky? Yes to me back then and believe me, at the time I thought the tree was a Giant Sequoia tree! Surely I made my way to the top in search of a branch here and a branch there. Strong ones I always hoped. Once I got to the top, I enjoyed the view and then it occurred to me, I must get down! Gulp. That was the risky part and then once near the bottom of this tree, I needed to jump to ground zero. Thankfully, no grizzly at ground zero. No cell phones back then and no GPS’s. Plus, I wasn’t suppose to be climbing trees! So they said. 

Have any of you had risky adventures while growing up? Did you tell the folks? What was the scariest adventure you experience? 

Laughter and Just Plane Fun and Hot Dogs in Sport!



So many times with the world in the whirlwind that it is in, we forget to laugh.
The other day, with many things on my plate, I thought I needed laughter and fun.

Taking a break from problem solving of the day, I went to my niece’s softball game. Its 12 inch fast pitch. 11 years old ffffaast pitch! No wonder as I viewed the field they were dressed for war. Padded up from shins, to knees, to head and lets throw in gloves. At least I didn’t see bubble wrap on any of the lil ones!

If that didn’t bring back memories of scuffed up knees, baggy baseball pants that created wedgies every other inning, the ping of aluminum bats hitting the ball god only knows where the ball went. Looking at the scoreboard hoping the visiting team that was losing wasn’t your team. Yesssss, the good ol days!

My nieces team lost but it sure was fun being out and seeing the next generation come up to bat in sports. penguin


The Hula Hoop

Does anyone remember the Hula Hoop? Now don’t question why, but for some reason I’ve been thinking of the Hula Hoop. Maybe it’s because my thoughts have been going around and around lately in circles.
My first and only hula hoop was white and yes, round. 🙂
I don’t recall how old I was when this came into my life. Lets see, 11 or 12. Emmmmm That’s going way back into mental archives.
The Hula hoop craze started back in the 50’s to the Aussies of Australia. Back then they were made of bamboo (I’m sure the panda’s were somewhat put out being their main appetite), until the demand became so great, a company called Toltoys began to make them.
As time went on, the craze hit the states in the late 50’s and were manufactured in the making of different colors. During this time, contests sprung up all over the states with some of the moves being as follows; the Knee Knocker, Stork, Hula Hop, Wrap the Mummy, Alley Ooop and free style dancing. Noooo, I don’t remember any of those. All I remember is around and around and swing those hips or I’d have a huge ankle bracelet in no time.
Any one reading this remember THEIR hula hoop?
penguinWhere’s my hoop?

images4NOTES: Notes to admit I’m not a professional journalist and yes educated myself with this trivia info. Not a plagiarist just reminiscing.