The Fabulous 60’s

Yes, its true, I’m dating myself here. What did you wear in the 60’s if you were around? Maybe you were only the “apple of your father’s eye” and was a preconceived idea. For those that were around, let me share my trending threads back then.
Lets start with the music revolution and the Beatles. Not mock Beatles, nor insects, but the REAL Beatles from Liverpool. From where? That’s right, England. The music revolution begins. I remember the Ed Sullivan show vividly. Running home, at exactly 7:55 pm so I could sit in front of the RCA tube tv, and watch with awe, the phenomena from England and its four piece band. One will never forget the names. They were like memorizing the 4 books in the beginning of the New Testament (if one did) Paul, John, Ringo and George.
Remember the Banana Seats on those pedal bikes? To those that do, it was like having a plush bench seat in a model T Ford. No I don’t remember those! In fact, has only one seen one lately? Now seats on bikes are so contour to our fannies!
Then we had the Afros. The Angela Davis look who was a political activist back then. If sitting in a theater, we always had to move if someone in front of us had and Afro in hopes to even see the movie.
Love Beads. Who has time to love beads? These were like a common bracelet or necklace worn as friendship. These could be made simply or purchased at a store in beautiful colors.
Just a few fads of what was back then. It was a fun time and yet a revolutionary time from music to politics. Everyone or some, thought all we needed was love, love, love. Not sure if that would work today.
Following are a few more fads that we thought would last forever. Bell Bottoms, Barbie Dolls, Fallout Shelters (not too crazy about these), Go-Go Boots, (these were made for walking according to Nancy Sinatra), Miniskirts, Granny Glasses (even if one isn’t a granny), Troll Dolls, Turtle Necks and finally, I could not leave out the Twist. Not candy, but a dance.


Ohhhhh the golden years!