Ospreys in Flight

Ospreys are a species of the hawk family. They can be found around lakes, ponds and rivers.

Credit For Photos and Given Permission to Use. Day Shooting Osprey’s In Flight/Martinfisherphoto ~ member of UHH ~ Ugly Hedge Hog


Grocery Store Items

How many of us have gone to the grocery store for only ONE item? Raising my hand. Now I found this cute pic on my face book and I want to share on my blog as well.
One if not many, were so squeezable and soft. I wasn’t sure about the one ply, two ply or three-ply. Sooooo I kept squeezing, kissing’ sloppy, and hugging. Decisions, decisions. So when we can’t make up our minds to soft, aloe & E or durable we take all.

Bad bad bad bad bad fall colds!

This has been a dilly for me this year. It keeps hanging on and hanging. So much for sleeping on those park benches without the Wallstreet Journal to cover with.

OTC meds sure are over rated. Sneezing in my sleeve is becoming a permanent ritual. Although, at least they are not too high on Richter scale nor too disruptive for those around me. Couldn’t help but find this panda sneeze and the lil guy disrupting the entire pen where momma is. At least I don’t do that. Watch carefully.