Not Today!

Ever have days where we can’t get a grip on ANYTHING? I mean anything!

You know it’s that type of day when finding the floor is almost impossible upon arising, until you trip over your slippers and you’ve landed. Parading to the bathroom and taking care of priorities, you look down and on your shirt or jammies there is a toothpaste blob that didn’t make it to the mouth. Then it goes on from there, can’t find the car keys; can’t find your glasses that you need to drive with; while getting into the car one bangs there nape;Ouch!One of the neighbor kids left a trike at the end of the driveway. Soooo it goes kinda like this……

Ground Hog Day



Sun is out but did he see his shadow? What a tradition or superstition from the Dutch.  If ground hog sees its shadow, we have 6 more weeks of winter. Ugh! Its been reported he has and we are in for the 6 weeks to endure. 

Superstitions???? Do you believe in them? Please share. Black Cat? Finding a penny? Walking under ladders? penguin

Examples of Superstitions



Cold, Cold, Cold Go Away!

Times they are changing.
It brings us to realize we must rearrange
Socialization to hibernation.
Depending upon location.

Not just humans but ecology.
Mosquito, birds, bears, trees and plants
Affecting the ecology cycle
Keeping enthusiast from their motorcycles.

Onward and upward
Spewing cold cuss words
Until we see the spring and lake waves
Saying, its okay to come out of our home-made caves.

Grocery Store Items

How many of us have gone to the grocery store for only ONE item? Raising my hand. Now I found this cute pic on my face book and I want to share on my blog as well.
One if not many, were so squeezable and soft. I wasn’t sure about the one ply, two ply or three-ply. Sooooo I kept squeezing, kissing’ sloppy, and hugging. Decisions, decisions. So when we can’t make up our minds to soft, aloe & E or durable we take all.

Bad bad bad bad bad fall colds!

This has been a dilly for me this year. It keeps hanging on and hanging. So much for sleeping on those park benches without the Wallstreet Journal to cover with.

OTC meds sure are over rated. Sneezing in my sleeve is becoming a permanent ritual. Although, at least they are not too high on Richter scale nor too disruptive for those around me. Couldn’t help but find this panda sneeze and the lil guy disrupting the entire pen where momma is. At least I don’t do that. Watch carefully.