Rising Above & Over

It certainly has been awhile since being here. Didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus, but during the process it was time for a change. Sometimes we all need time to just step back and maybe not smell the roses, but just sit among them and look up in hopes we don’t sit on a thorn. That for sure would disrupt any meditative thoughts one might have.

During the time away, I’ve had time to reflect on many things. Let me say, I wasn’t away as in far away or a vacation. Just away from my corner of the writing world and computer. It was getting so I was having a long drawn out empty relationship with my computer in which neither was getting positive vibes. It was time for a divorce. 

So many people, places and things that we hang on to for the sake of security which only turns out to be false security. Ugh! Sometimes it takes some of us longer to realize the pseudo comfort until it starts to smell. Like a swamp drenched blanket. That is what was happening to me. It’s dreadfully painful to even have to admit it that narcissism has many faces. Not that I have to tell any of you besides, but I choose to. It took me a long while before I realized the smell of this relationship (not my computer) was suffocating me and was becoming time-consuming along with getting entwined in another person’s narcissism. It was cunning, baffling and unforeseeable to me. 

Once I realized the feeling of being duped as being uncomfortable, like sitting on a thorn, it was time to rise above and over. My head is out of the sand and/or out of other orifices, that now I can breathe again and smell the real roses through the bramble. Please don’t ask why it took me so long. 


Ground Hog Day



Sun is out but did he see his shadow? What a tradition or superstition from the Dutch.  If ground hog sees its shadow, we have 6 more weeks of winter. Ugh! Its been reported he has and we are in for the 6 weeks to endure. 

Superstitions???? Do you believe in them? Please share. Black Cat? Finding a penny? Walking under ladders? penguin

Examples of Superstitions



Those Golden Globes

I never really sit down and watch anything such as this out of Hollywood. Why I did, I don’t know. Maybe gravity tugged on my hindquarters and it was to be. I get the Golden’s mixed up with the Emmys. Its only out of curiosity that I watch and it was quite the change from Fire and Fury promotions. (All about Trump book) Although, even watching this, there was a rally cry from the notable Oprah Winfrey. 

Here are the winners and nominees for 2018. Globes So its forward we go with a new day on the horizon Oprah Rally Cry according to Oprah. 

To me, my new day is not on the horizon but forever present. The only thing missing was the leather. My viewing showed me lace, low-cut and slit dresses with beautiful faces. Picturesque images of woman who would entice any mans lustful imagination. Soooooo

My point is, don’t play the part and you won’t have to  say, “me too”! Yes, an age of awareness and rightfully so. It truly has gone on too long, not just in Hollywood but usually everywhere. The rally cry “Never Again” and having to say, “me too”; I doubt that. It will be “Not Again”, Oprah! It’s the skin Oprah! The skin! 


I’m not saying dress like this……nun  The moral to this is, if one flaunts it taunts. Expect paying a price. If one doesn’t ask for abuse or harassment, which I’m sure is an under statement, REPORT, REPORT, REPORT behavior and not in the next century. Two sides to a pancake! 

This is not a political issue, so don’t make it such. This is not woman power. Don’t make it such. Its common sense. Just my humble opinion. 

Cold, Cold, Cold Go Away!

Times they are changing.
It brings us to realize we must rearrange
Socialization to hibernation.
Depending upon location.

Not just humans but ecology.
Mosquito, birds, bears, trees and plants
Affecting the ecology cycle
Keeping enthusiast from their motorcycles.

Onward and upward
Spewing cold cuss words
Until we see the spring and lake waves
Saying, its okay to come out of our home-made caves.

Conowingo Bald Eagles

These beautiful birds are located in Maryland. The following pics were taken by Bill_de at Ugly Hedge Hog http://www.uglyhedgehog.com/t-499441-1.html who has given me permission to post his marvelous pictures. Personally, I thought Wisconsin was the only state to have the market of the bald eagle. How naive I can be! Also many line up on the Susquehanna River for this annual shooting event. 

Many photographers trying their hands at getting the catch of a great pic. Not with a pole neither.

Healing Time on Earth

Let the mountains talk, let the river run
There is wisdom here, there is much to learn
There is much to know, much to understand
In this healing time all across the land

You have heard my songs, oh so many years
You have laughed with me, washed away my tears
You have shared my joy, you have felt my pain
In this healing time, walk with me again

Through these darker days on this narrow line
Help me find my way, help me see the signs
I am not afraid, I am not alone
You have taught me well, you have brought me home

Let the mountain speak, let the rivers run
As the world awakes to the rising sun
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time on our Mother Earth

Let the mountains talk, let the rivers run
There is wisdom here, there’s so much to learn
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time for our Mother Earth
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time, here on Mother Earth

This is John Denver who touched many hearts with his lyrics and songs. This was a rare song that was never really published. Enjoy.