NOT again!

I try not to write about violence and discord here but enough already! My condolences to the victim’s families and the Jewish community in Pittsburgh.

I’m going to put it out there because I’m frustrated for our society. I’m going to date myself here and say, “yes, in the 60’s there was turmoil. The Vietnam War, Civil rights protests, Two assassinations, US President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Cuban Missile Crisis (which today’s generation doesn’t even know about and the seriousness), The Chicago Seven, The Black Panthers, Patty Hearst kidnapping and along with that came a happier note, the first man landing on the moon placing the American flag proudly.

Yes, a time of unrest, uncertainty and fear. There were four presidents during that time, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. During this time, if memory serves me right, often not, but NO MASS shootings. My point is, today there is a lot of rhetoric and negativity that is being blamed for the turmoil and uneasiness politically but mostly for the shootings. Let me add, we had profound protests in the 60’s without mass shootings. Also, the guns were available to sane and insane. Responsible and irresponsible gun owners. 

Looking back on April 20, 1999 http://Columbine High School massacre was the beginning and no end in sight, when it all began. During this time it was President Bill Clinton (Democrat) in office having to deliver a speech to the nation of condolences. (8 mass shootings) Following this administration came George W. Bush (Republican; 8 mass shootings. Barack Obama (Democrat, 24 mass shootings. Present day, Donald Trump, (Republican, 4 mass shootings) Table

The nation today is in a flux wondering who, what, why and who to blame. All presidencies have had mass shootings regardless of rhetoric. Period.

My Take: There is consistent hate towards cultures that are misunderstood creating an atmosphere and a divide. Is it ignorance of history? Is it not being taught in schools? Jewish culture, American Negro culture, Native American culture? Pioneer culture? Spanish culture? Ohhhh and lets throw in the American constitution at its original best. How many of us really understand what is on this great piece of paper? When and why it was even devised? With all that said, let us stop being ignorant and blaming the right and the left. Lets ALL meet half way and start calling ourselves Americans again. Forget the election of 2016. President is our President now. If you leave here getting nothing let me leave this with you, change is constant. Nothing remains the same. Not even presidents. Let us go forth and be a part of the solution and not the problem. Leave your guns at home.


Waking Hours

Finding the floor to explore
Another day leaving behind the nightly snore.
The eastern sky is wakening
To embrace the hours ahead.

Traipsing to the kitchen to the smell of coffee
Finding the cup of favorites
Looking forward and wondering the days offering
Still yawning and smelling the coffee. 


a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, NIV

Couldn’t help the other day while walking only to look at the trees and see the colors change. Gods colored pencil draws such magnificent nature and its beauty. 

On the other hand, its sad to see the trees and foliage undress for the hard winters ahead. All that comes to mind is change is forever constant. Isn’t that true in our lives as well? Complacency is the devils work shop. 

The Robin Williams Syndrome

Remember that expression “Laughing on the outside, yet crying on the inside?” It would be so easy to say, “It’s the sign of the times.” Its Trumps fault. It’s the New Age “Me Too” movements fault.” It’s the sky’s fault because it’s falling.”

Some dear friends of mine are going through life now, realizing they have everything but happiness eludes them. Very special people in fact who I thought had it all (and do). Frankly, I was envious of them. As I read a post from a sadden individual who is Robin Williams on the outside, fun, jovial etc.,I realized my envy was unrealistic. There was a sudden lift of a cloud that I have been carrying overhead. Also, a small pebble hit me in the head. Not literally. 

How many have walked beside a Robin Williams whether it be a friend or family member, and didn’t realize how much “hurt and struggle” was going on in the inside of that person? Or how many of us ARE Robin Williams, faking it on the outside and truly feeling exasperated, sad on the inside only to dive into bed at night, “Phew, only for a little while, I don’t have to fake it?”

Today is a new day as every day is at sun rise. We have all that we need. The air we breath, God, family and friends.

To my Robin Williams friends, “Lets don’t try so hard. Go with the river and prepare for the next rapids.” That’s all that is expected of us. Also, to love thy neighbor as thyself. Spread it around.