Rising Above & Over

It certainly has been awhile since being here. Didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus, but during the process it was time for a change. Sometimes we all need time to just step back and maybe not smell the roses, but just sit among them and look up in hopes we don’t sit on a thorn. That for sure would disrupt any meditative thoughts one might have.

During the time away, I’ve had time to reflect on many things. Let me say, I wasn’t away as in far away or a vacation. Just away from my corner of the writing world and computer. It was getting so I was having a long drawn out empty relationship with my computer in which neither was getting positive vibes. It was time for a divorce. 

So many people, places and things that we hang on to for the sake of security which only turns out to be false security. Ugh! Sometimes it takes some of us longer to realize the pseudo comfort until it starts to smell. Like a swamp drenched blanket. That is what was happening to me. It’s dreadfully painful to even have to admit it that narcissism has many faces. Not that I have to tell any of you besides, but I choose to. It took me a long while before I realized the smell of this relationship (not my computer) was suffocating me and was becoming time-consuming along with getting entwined in another person’s narcissism. It was cunning, baffling and unforeseeable to me. 

Once I realized the feeling of being duped as being uncomfortable, like sitting on a thorn, it was time to rise above and over. My head is out of the sand and/or out of other orifices, that now I can breathe again and smell the real roses through the bramble. Please don’t ask why it took me so long. 


3 thoughts on “Rising Above & Over

  1. Ok, that’s serious stuff you are saying, Jan. I hope you are going to be able to move forward in a positive and determined manner.


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