Pet Peeves

Now we all have pet peeves! Not a pet that pees, but pet peeves! Can you tell me some of yours? I’ll share some of mine.

When someone says to me, “You see what I’m saying?” Ummm, nooo but I hear what you are saying.

A bank teller chewing gum loudly, snap, snap as she is asking “How would you like that back miss, 10’s, 20’s or ones?”

How bout this, someone walking with sandals and scuffing their feet in a grocery store?

Then just one more. Although I’m sure I have more but this one has always baffled me.

Say what? What ever happen to “What did you say?” 

If anyone has any peeves it would be fun to know that I’m not the only irritable person on earth when it comes to human behavior. I take it from Judge Judy that I’m not. penguin



5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. YOU asked for it. Remember that show? My most noticeable pet peeve is spelling and grammar errors in postings. Do you understand what I am saying? “To” instead of “too”. “Happen” instead of “happened”. “bout” instead of “’bout”. And it is now said, “Say what”?

    Drivers that don’t use their signals. Drivers that don’t turn into the right-most or left-most lanes. Litter-bugs. Smokers that throw out the butts from the car. Protesters that march against legislation intended to keep terrorists and illegal immigrants out of the country. LGBT advertizing. Extremists of any kind.


  2. From Al Dandenau

    we all have dem—i won’t even get into grocery store non-courtesy’s—the roads are loaded with peeves—
    my medical visits of the past few years bring up one special—you visit the doc’s office and after an extreme wait you are greeted by a call from an assistant and they ask: “how ya doing today?”—my response is: “why am i here?, and maybe not so good because i am here for a reason beyond everything is just swell!”—they could say,” hi, hope your day and visit goes well”—-
    another is: no water offered by the waiter or waitress and they pretty much disappear til almost done and they expect sizeable tips—-
    another is: unimportant cell and smart phones misuse

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  3. Okay, here’s a very common one that drives me crazy every time I hear it: “There’s some leaks in the ceiling”, “There’s grapes on the table”, etc. Don’t use the contraction and it’s obvious how wrong it is: “There is some leaks in the ceiling”, “There is grapes on the table”. Aaaarrrggghhh! “There ARE some leaks in the ceiling”, “There ARE grapes on the table”.
    And: being addressed as “guys” by a server in a restaurant.

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    1. You ARE right Gail. The English language sure can get misused. Also, the last I looked too, I was a woman here me roar even in a restaurant. Thanks for comment.


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