A new Beginning

It’s a new day and after Mondays bump in the road (fender bender) I’ve decided to do one thing at a time. Mentally I had to realize accidents happen. I was an accident at birth. An oops as they say, since my parents weren’t expecting twins. Then I came along after my sister by 3 minutes. I also had to realize accidents just don’t happen to me and that no one is out to get me. I’m almost certain that driver-less cars will change the world. Of course, who would I have talked to exchange information if the truck was driver-less? Or even mumble some lady like swear words?

Oh hum. Hope everyone is having a good day in their book of life and is driving safe defensively.


One thought on “A new Beginning

  1. Just learned more about my virtual friend. You are a Twin! That’s awesome, so am I !! Are you girls identical? My Sis and I were not. I looked my Mom and she like my Dad. And, we were so different in so many ways. I was born first, my Sis 20 minutes later.

    I’ve always found twins to be interesting. There were another set of twins on my Dad’s side, his Sister had twins and they were identical.

    My daughter was also pregnant with twins but miscarried. Supposedly this skips a generation but not in this case.

    How interesting!

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