Biting My Tongue

I was trying to stay out of politics here but with all the stamping of feet, pounding of drums, breaking of store windows and unadulterated behavior, I can’t hold back.

Its done. The election is over. We have winners and we have losers in any competition. Politics is very important to people even if it goes without saying. Most of the time it does. That is what happened in this election. There was a silent majority. To use an analogy….Custer at Little Big Horn. He was confident and arrogant until after the battle. The Sioux were there but just not seen. 

I don’t need to write an epiphany like some are even though it is a right that we all have. I can’t help but think possibly the two-party system doesn’t work anymore. With the two-party system we need the electoral college, although, even when it was established in 1787, it wasn’t perfect and needed amending. What doesn’t even today?

Hillary laid back and did not lean into the blue states. The states that determined the election. Why not? To me, Hillary was a patsy for the Democratic Party because there was no one else to choose from. The Republicans had 16 people to choose from! That is democracy. Choice. That is campaigning.

Now its time to govern with whom we have whether we like it or not. One thing about not having a politician in the WH, it woke up America! We must move on as Americans with spine! The presidency is finite! positive