Preventing Winter Illness

Winter is upon us here where I am and its times to consider or health throughout.The other day while I was walking my mile, it was a beautiful fall day in the 60’s. I wore a sweatshirt and the breeze was blowing leaves to beat the band. I had just raked the leaves in the morning, so that was to no avail. I didn’t realize we had a wind advisories or instead of raking I would have had another cup of coffee or two and watch the leaves blow. I know Cold Country can be brutal.  As I was doing my mile while walking, I was thinking of all the remedies for a 4 month winter.

  • Drink milk, it has a lot of vitamin A and B 12.

  • Stay hydrated especially the elderly ~ Drink plenty of water without making the bathroom your Oasis.

  • Exercise to pump up the immune system ~ Low impact walking (not on ice)

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Eat plenty of Salmon or tuna for vitamin D proficiency.

  • Carry moisturizer hand lotion in your purse. A small one. Guys who are not into purses, you can pass on this one. 

  • Wash hands frequently and adequately.

  • Disinfect areas of your home such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Get annual flu shot if one agrees to having one. Some people don’t. I don’t.

  • Enjoy a daily mug of antioxidant rich green tea. images