White Like Me

How many remember the book and the movie Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin? I received an e-mail titled About Being White and like all emails, curiosity kills cats, I read it. I read the e-mail, took the meat and threw the bone.  This email was a pin prick because up until today, I never thought of myself as a color as in a crayola. Truly.
After reading the contents of the bias email, as most are when it comes to any color, I was left with “yes, this is all true but I’m not passing this on as suggested just to be a part of a wee percentage and bravery.”

The other day, I was driving through the cemetery which is the best place for solitude from the rat race. While driving, I thought, gee there is no race issues here. How many of the dead know they are lying next to a white, black, brown or purple person? Actually who cares. Sadly, it’s a cemetery that has the true lessons of life. 

The email went on to say, about being “proud” about being white and American. Truth be told from this author, I am proud to be an American, regardless. Many of our fathers fought for that American flag and this country. I refuse to sit down as some over paid, arrogant football players do who have never been on the battle field of war. The only colors I see are on that American flag which stand for freedom for all in this land. http://www.usflag.org/iamtheflag.html 

Getting back  to White Like Me…..I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I don’t know what white privilege is. I never put in a request form as to what color I wanted to be and frankly, it doesn’t matter. I never owned slaves personally other than sharing a room with my sister and asking vs telling her to help pick up our room for neatness sake. Today, a bus goes by my house every day and I see a black fellow American driving the bus and I see white students along with black students walk to the back of the bus to converse with others. It doesn’t matter. 

The Universe, the Energy, the Creator, and the Almighty loves us all. All that is asked of any of us is to stay in our own hoola hoops and reach out to others compassionately regardless of color. Lets stop seeing crayons and color. It doesn’t matter.