The Art of Whataburger!


The all American standby and meal on the go! How many of us can really remember opening our eyes to a burger? I remember hearing for the first time, come on, “let’s go for a burger!” I thought huh? Do I need a fishing pole? Worms? Or should I bring a glove to catch foul balls? Nope. None of that.

The first place I recall was called Park Inn known for their burgers. We walked up to the door, had to step up, the step was huge to me at the time and in we went as a family. Yes, as a family. The floor was the old fashion black and white tiles; the chairs were red metal chairs although soft and comfortable; the top of the table was a gray marble color and cold. The smell was soooooo wonderful!!!! Could smell the fries as well, being done in the deep fryer!

Looking around I noticed a bar, no wait, a counter with low swivel stools (red) and people with their knees almost to their chins, so it appeared at the time. Some people yakking to each other and others reading the daily news.

Now for some history of the burger. Many of us would love to claim that we invented the burger. A slab of beef between two slices of a bun viola` Unfortunately, none of us have the corner of the market for this great American treat. Truth be told, it is unknown who really invented the “burger”.
Rumor has it, it came from Hamburg, Germany and how creative is that? First it was known as a hamburg steak. Still at the water fountain rumor mill, it most likely came from the St Louis World’s Fair in 1904. Nothing is conclusive as to who has the true patent on it.

Then we have creativity of the American delicatessen. It can be made into a cheeseburger. Slap some cheese on top! Viola` Then the double burger with two slices of burger with our without cheese making it a possible double cheeseburger.  Let’s go all the way, a burger with lettuce, tomato and onions! Another viola` One doesn’t have to be a Martha Steward to be creative depending upon our tastes. I mustn’t fail to mention the g-r-e-a-s-e. What makes a burger great? The grease!

Yup, ten years old and the hamburger was introduced to my world. When was it introduced to yours? penguin