Its been awhile…..

It’s been a busy summer and I’ve been just trying to absorb it for as long as I can before ol man winter arrives.

As I look back over the summer, I’m not sure I’d be able to write a good first day of school essay about my summer. Right now it seems a blur. I really haven’t reinvented the wheel nor taken any vacations to speak of. It’s just maintaining day by day.

Some days are more difficult than others with anxiety/depression and trying to manage the two on given days or else, one or the other. Since my caregiver duties are over with my beloved mother after her passing, it’s now entering into a new passage for me. A clean sheet of paper and what to draw, what to draw?

Not to worry, I keep busy and having my dog Paige, a Sheltie of love, keeps me in touch with the world along with dear friends.

Let me close with this……

A new day has begun
Not in it for a bank run
Wallet is empty
Like the 1920’s

The sun is out
A toothpaste runs down my blouse
Scratching my head to organize the day
Maybe to find a cabaret or go astray

The beach is calling
Or the bike is desiring to wheel
That may have more appeal
Me thinks that seals the deal! 

Indoor Blooms 1 (c)
Indoor Blooms 1 (c)

3 thoughts on “Its been awhile…..

  1. Anonymous

    As Father Terry liked to say, “Just do the next best thing in front of you.” God is watching your back and your friends walk with you.


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