How many have really thought about our freedoms? Or do we take many for granted? Celebrating this July 4th brings to mind independence and freedoms.

From my understanding there were four freedoms that were sought out 74 years ago. Many of today’s generation have no clue what I’m about to get into. For those that may be of that generation let me educate you gently. 74 years ago, America was in WWII. A war which America didn’t want to enter. A tyrant from Germany named Hitler wanted to establish a New Order. Sound familiar? Instead President Franklin Roosevelt purposed a Moral Order and sent it over the air ways. The four fundamental human freedoms are as follows:  freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

In today’s world we must hold on to these freedoms and remember those who sacrificed their lives for them. Also, to remember the new nation that was created made up of 13 colonies breaking away from British rule. Can we imagine today, what it would be like under British rule or any other nation? We owe the founding Fathers a lot!

Do not fear on this day of celebration, but rejoice! Do not be fearful of speaking or expressing elation! Do not be wanting for more! Let us not forget, to attend a house of worship. usa


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