Light & Hope In A Dark World

The rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air is happening all around these days. Picking up a newspaper, turning on a television one can not get around dread, carnage and evil.

It is so difficult for many these days to believe in hope. A mustard seed is even difficult to comprehend having.

With all the terrorist attacks of the day where is the light and the hope of ever being peace? Will there be? We ALL must go forward and always remember the light and to walk toward it and into it. Bring hope to others around us. Stay in our own hoola hoops and bring good to our individual worlds so as the saying goes, at the end of the day we can say to ourselves, “well done.” penguin


2 thoughts on “Light & Hope In A Dark World

  1. Mary

    Hey Filps,

    Have a Happy 4th of July Weekend – this is something I can believe in!

    Remember, SAFE + SANE! Well, maybe just SAFE!!!


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