Better than a bar stool!

This is just going to be a fun post. Nothing serious, political or profound. Just sharing a happening.

Its cold in Wisconsin, still.  Its the middle of May as some of you look at your calendars. I was asked to come to a bonfire (bun or bon?) last nite and like most I looked at the calendar then my coats! Put on a warm coat, leashed up the dog and headed for the bonfire which was just around the corner. I only knew one person in the beginning of the evening but as time went on, I knew all eight of them. Now don’t ask me their names today, but I know there faces.

Here we are huddled up to this outdoor fireplace not just in coats but in gobs of blankets! Funny thing, we didn’t see our breaths with it being cold. Thank goodness. We did a lot of sharing and just some good healthy laughing with hot drinks, a lot of coffee.

I had to share a story about my bumble bee “Frank” that I saved throughout the week. Yes, saved. You all read it right. Early in the morning one day last week, I was tramping down to the basement to the laundry basket looking for lets say socks. I didn’t have my coffee yet, so I was only navigating with one eye open without my glasses. I get to the bottom of the stairs and lo and behold, I see what I thought at the time a tarantula crawling on the floor! I crept forward-looking, looking, looking and NOT a tarantula, but a black and yellow bubble bee the size of a quarter. Yikes!

My dog was at the top of the stares debating to come down and I said frantically, “NO don’t!” We have a serious situation down here!!!!!!! Of course, she looked at me like I was delusional. Knowing that the bee population is diminishing, I wanted to yes, save him from being crushed with my Mickey Mouse bedroom slipper and full weight.

After reviewing the situation, I grabbed a towel and wrapped him in it and went upstairs to the back yard to release him. I opened the towel, and to my surprise he was gone! Gulp! Ok, wait a minute. Lets go back down stairs and see if Frank escaped the towel. Yup, sure enough, he was on the floor again trying desperately to escape. I tried again, picked him up and wrapped him like a Christmas gift this time and took Frank outside. I placed the towel on the fence and the wings started flapping and buzzing. In no time, he experienced his freedom!

I’m sure the queen bee will be wondering where he has been all this time! Out cavorting. My hope is, she will be very grateful for his return. So its onward and upward with pollination and I’m hoping to see a jar of honey  free on my front porch! No worries, I’m NOT delusional, nor am I going to wait for it, but it would be nice for some gratification from the queen! images2

The night was better than a bar stool!


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