Traveling Solo?

Have you ever thought about traveling solo? Internationally or domestically? I know, I know “Who ever heard of that when I work?” Who ever heard of that when I have 52 children from 52 states!”

If one does take the leap here are some tips.

1. Stay connected ~ Being without a smartphone or Skype is rather antiquated. Make sure phone can roam the area or else upon arrival at destination, make sure to at least rent a phone.

2. Keep others informed of your itinerary

3. Don’t keep passport, money, insurance cards or credit cards in one place. Remember there are hotel safes.

4. Study up on your destination.

5. Make sure lodgings are safe and you’re not in the middle of a wilderness in an outhouse with a bear knocking asking to get in!!!!! (insisting to get in????)

6. Stay healthy ~ Eat plenty of fruit and drink a lot of water if necessary.

7. Keep your wits about yourself and remain calm. No need to cower in a hotel room.

Enjoy and happy trails.

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  1. More rough storms in the forecast after midnight and all day tomorrow. Hope I continue to be lucky with my bubble protecting me and no hail or high winds. This is typical Texas April weather but it’s still unsettling. Covers over the head tonight! The good news is mid to low 70’s for several days ahead! 80’s are gone for a while!

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