De-Stressing with Art

After the loss of my dear friend (my mother) awhile ago, although, still stings, I’ve been on my way back. Trying to find my way back and now being an adult orphan can have its days of new learning experiences. I’m slowly trying new things and my dear sister-in-law thought I would enjoy colorama for adults when the going gets tough. Adult coloring book.

I tried it these last two days reaching for colored pencils and trying to stay in the lines. Now as I look at the art, yes I stayed in the lines but I’m thinking why? So many of us have guild lines in life and certain ways of doing things. Rise in the morning, try to find the floor, enter the bathroom for relief, come out, head for the kitchen and dive for the coffee pot. After the fix, return to bedroom, look around “ah yes, get dressed!” “Ahhhhhh no, turn around, enter bathroom, brush teeth and take the constitutional bird bath and wash up”. Point being, we all have our own traditions/routines.

Getting back to the art, why stay in the lines? Why be structured? Watching children on a play ground they are so spontaneous and non-structured except when it comes to hop scotch.

Maybe next time, I’m going to not stay in the lines and just let it flow from inside out and see what adult spontaneity produces. It just may be fun and a good habit to get into! I may just brush my teeth first and see how different it feels. Hopefully, I won’t use a colored pencil for my toothbrush. images


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  1. I’ll switch up my morning routine sometimes. Once in while I’ll decide to catch up on Facebook, or continue reading a book before my shower, and before I know it, I realize it’s almost lunch time and I’m still in my PJ’s. Oh! Oh! I have to be at an appointment in an hour!


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