Easter Alone

Easter is a time for eggs to be found, lilies, joy, resurrection, bunnies, ham dinners and family get together’s. Well, I had the ham slab, yams and veggies in the slow cooker. It was mighty fine.

This is my second year without mom who passed a year and 3 months ago, for an Easter dinner. Trying very hard to absorb, accept and not feel sorry for myself. It still is very difficult eating alone at a round table trying to enjoy a slow cooker meal. Frankly, I’m very glad this day is almost over, although, the church festivities this morning, did bring “joy” and meaning to the season.

The sermon this morning was about HOPE and yes, I did pick up bits and pieces. All I could remember, being a free-thinker, is that the resurrection means life. Life after death and that death is conquered. That is my hope for today.

Happy Easter to all and hope everyone has found that reason for this season to let go and let “coming” of new things in the days ahead.


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