Just thoughts of the day….

Ol man winter hasn’t left yet, I see. Had the broom out the other day, so now I guess I can put that away and bring back the shovel. Another grey and cold day in the northern states of USA. Denver gets socked with another winter storm and its headed our way. So much for the beach and the Copper Tone.

How many of us really believe in this global warming phenomenon? What I do know is, I’m sure learning about my ward robe with the forever putting on sweatshirts to tank tops to tee shirts. Not really about the tank tops, only because I don’t dare. The flip flops haven’t seen the light of day yet only because there not conducive to an inch of snow due tomorrow. images

6 thoughts on “Just thoughts of the day….

  1. Anne

    Dont’ put your scarf and mittens away…this weather could continue through most of April. Remember years ago when we had snow in May?


  2. Kai Romanchak

    We had a really severe storm move through overnight; winds up to 60mph and quarter to golf ball size hail. I thought for sure my skylights would be broken it was coming down so hard, but luckily, no harm. Just a lot of debris in the yard, tree branches, leaves, etc. Haven’t gone outside to check on my little rose bush, but I bet it will be bare of leaves L

    You might check with Mark, parts of Plano and Collin County got really hit hard!

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