Another Attack!

I promised myself that I would not talk or type about politics and religion. Again, another attack, in Belgium in an airport. Many don’t even want to comment on blogs, or in emails regarding these spontaneous attacks. Am I right to say, the world is at war by an evil force that it doesn’t even see or understand? At least, in WWI and WW2 and the military wars to follow, Vietnam and Korean war, the enemy was if not seen at least heard.

I’m tired of hearing the innocence screams and seeing the collateral damage of those who are just participating in their own business. When is it going to stop? How is it go to be stopped. The war of just words, evidently, is weak.


  “The Winds of War                         

6 thoughts on “Another Attack!

  1. sadly it will only continue to get worse till the end of time, this is where we have to trust in GOD that this is only our temperary home and heaven is our forever home……

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