How many of us have not conformed to people, places and things? Is that called rebellious or just plain individualism? The 60’s I can say, was a decade of rebellion or possibly evolution and change. During that time, we either conformed to the “change” of times or looked bewildered.

Looking at fashion, the 50’s for example, people were bottled up so tight, that when “skin” appeared in the 60’s, it was an “oh my gosh” moment. We can thank London for that and not Paris for that trend. How many of us gals dared to wear a mini skirt to our “home room” first thing in the morning?

Then we have the Beatle cut for the guys and Beatle boots! All in all, there must have been the “nerd” somewhere around just being a nerd!

Is it uncomfortable to conform? How many of us truly conform today? What do you conform to? Not conform to? penguin