Shetland Sheep Dogs


Looking down at the floor I was wondering tonight what to blog or write about. How in the world could I miss it? There she was…she literally had my back as I turned around. On the floor was my beloved Sheltie. The brown eyed syndrome said it all. How bout me?

The Sheltie name comes from Shetland Sheepdog. It comes from the herding breed. Guess who gets herd around the house? Yup. herding Me.

This canine looks very much like a Miniature Collie or Toy Collie. They come in many different colors, i.e Tri-Color, Sable or Blue Merle.

My sheltie is a tri color with black, some brown and white. The temperament of the dog, is lively, can be shy at times or cautious, intelligent, alert, gentle and loyal. Lets throw in strong, docile and responsive.

Agility ~ Fun to watch ~ Shelties love to perform and please!

There is a draw back to shelties. They can be high maintenance. If one doesn’t want dog fur between there toes, its absolutely necessary to brush this dog often. Unfortunately, the vacuum is a good idea too.


4 thoughts on “Shetland Sheep Dogs

  1. Anonymous

    Dogs can bring us unconditional love~~but know what you’re ‘signing up for’ ahead of time, as there are elements of work & commitment involved.


  2. Anne

    I watched the video. Looks like a great workout! I know the dogs know where to run because of the signals their trainers do…but, how do the humans know where to run?


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