Shackles, Herods, Egypts and GPS’s

A new day after a storm. Sun is shining, snow is glistening. The air is crisp and tree limbs are bent with the heaviness of snow. Melting it will with mother natures touch.

For a day we were shackled by the winter elements in late November. It came to mind other shackles one or many carry each day and every day and NOT just one day. Emotional, ( scaring from abuse etc.), undesired, underemployed employment, fragmented marriage, an unwanted living situation, indecisiveness, spiritual and religious conflict along with a big one, grief. It goes on and on.

The Christian indoctrination mentions in the Bible, the flight of Joseph and Mary with the Christ child. Fleeing from King Herod was a middle of the night decision (how many of us dare to make those before having coffee?) by Joseph who divinely was told to flee due to King Herod’s wrath. The story or theory has it, the fleeing to Egypt was the only choice to break from the shackles of fear. Many emotions and apprehension abounded both Mary and Joseph.

How many of us have shackles, King Herod’s and uncertainty or our Egypt’s to flee to? Or not? Its risky and consequential to just “decide” and go forward through the forest. We all have our forests, snow storms, shackles, Herod’s of fear and Egypt’s to flee to if our inner fortitude and uncertainty doesn’t keep us shackled.

With all of this said, “how many of us listen to our inner GPS, listen to the voice and follow?

Onward and upward…..penguin