First Snow

The first snow of winter always has a way of entering with such glee. Awoke this morning to a blanketed lawn of pure white.

I stood outside in the back and let the dog out to design the white canvas with her yellow artistry. The chickadees flitted back and forth to the feeder with caution as we, Paige and I, attended to the constitution of the morning. The quietness of the air was so calming. The fir trees were meticulously getting draped and dressed with the first snow. Looking up into the gray sky, all I could say was thank you for the blessings of Mother Earth and Father Sky. index

One thought on “First Snow

  1. Kai Romanchak

    Just beautiful! Thought of you this a.m. when I was watching GMA and they were talking about the snow in WI. Hope we get some this season, just love watching it fall!


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