Spontaneous Holiday Thoughts

The leaves have about shed their summer clothing (leaves) and ol man winter is creeping in slowly.

The holidays are before us and some will be with families and others are not blessed to have large families nor cordial ones to even celebrate with. There are many whom loneliness is their only friend. The less fortunate, the homeless; those in nursing homes without family; those in wonderment and “why” of a suicide; those families whose loved ones have been taken by street violence, small children and babies.

Lets go within and just remember the moments we had with out missing loved ones. Lets remember despite the pain there is always a glimmer of “hope” for a better holiday with those that we are with.

On a lighter side….True to form, there are those families whose rich uncle shows up whom you haven’t seen for years, smokes a pipe, eats the dark meat (the thigh) the one we may have wanted. Passes the mash potatoes without a word. Family members wonder who invited him with Aunt Crotchety.