Meeting for the first time!

After the loss my mother, my best friend, the hole in my heart was/is so huge that I knew it needed filling. Certainly, not with bubble gum. Now, with what I did not know.  Truly, I have no clue how things transpired and worked out so well obtaining my Paige, my 7-year-old Sheltie who needed a retirement home. Synchronicity? At this point, I can not rely on my own understanding when a breeder from afar saw my last Sheltie’s memorial on social media and was touched. The breeders heart went out to me for some reason and she saw that Paige would be a good fit since she had other shelties to attend to. Both of us felt the same aura and knew it was right. Actually though, driving to get her, felt like going on a “blind date”. Butterflies in the gut, anticipation in the air.
The drive to retrieve Paige went without a hitch. The weather was picture perfect with blue skies, few clouds. It wasn’t until the next day I awoke to a flat tire in the garage. Now go figure! Complaining no. Blessed, yes!

My New Best Friend; First Meeting

Jan N Paige2


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