Road Trips

On the Road Again, by Willie Nelson
Counting Stars, by OneRepulic
Blue Suede Shoes, by Elvis Presley
Stronger, by Kanye West
Barracuda, by Heart
Drive My Car, by the Beatles
Above are a list of our traveling highway songs.
Going on a road trip is an American tradition, something not surprising at all given our love affair with the automobile. The first transcontinental road trip in America took place in 1903. Route 66, begun in 1926 and completely finished in the late 1930’s, became a ” must do” road trip for many Americans. The completion of America’s interstate highway system meant that long distance road trips were then possible for anyone with a car.
While most people who go on a road trip have a destination in mind, perhaps a tourist attraction, a national park, or to visit friends or family, the actual road trip itself is often an important part of the fun. Experiencing the freedom of the open road while driving with the windows down and the music turned up loud is often as much fun as arriving at the intended destination.
Can you remember any memorable road trips you have been on in the past? Have you been on a road trip this summer, or are you going on one soon? If so, lucky you! If not, don’t fret. As I have discovered the last few weeks, tuning into the right kind of music, rolling down your windows, turning up the volume and singing along can instantly create that free and easy feeling that one experiences on a road trip.
Road trips are a great experience in and of themselves, but they also provide some great reminders for us about living life. Life is more fun when accompanied by a great sound track. We feel most alive with the windows open and a breeze in our face. Whenever possible, take others along with us to maximize the experience. And most importantly, we are wise to remember that enjoying the journey is sometimes just as important as getting to our destination.
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I’m going on that road trip folks. We’re gonna crank that music, “Barracuda” by Heart and split this week-end. My first out of towner since mom’s passin’. I told my friends, I promise I wouldn’t act up and that I would keep my clothes on! lol lol penguin

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