Have any of us been called a coward? It was presented to me not too long ago, that I showed a form of cowardliness for not taking an interest in a motivational e-mail by not reading it. I’m scratching my head thinking huh?
I thought I was pretty motivated by opening it! In all seriousness, I was stunned and stung all at the same time. I’m still feeling the effects of the quip and would like to think I’m not overly sensitive.
My imagination wanders back to the old western movies such as two hard-drinking cow hands challenge each other to a duel. One calls the other a coward and the gunfight begins in the middle of the town. Certainly, in the 21st century, that is out of the question nor would I ever think of it.
But now tell me, how would any of you react if someone insinuated or for that matter, came right out and said, not opening an e-mail is a form of cowardliness? Think about it. Just wondering. I’ve already considered the source. penguin

2 thoughts on “Cowardliness

  1. Jan, consider the source. I get a lot of inspirational BS from people and some of it really irks me. Some… that I find myself I like and find uplifting. But some I find way to preachy and not at all relevant to me and my life.

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