A Day to Remember


Today I went for my first long summer bike ride. It was extremely warm, but taking along all the necessary items, water, trail mix and cell phone, I made it 17 miles.

Although, I will say, I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, when I saw the storm clouds. I didn’t realize there were tornado warnings out until arriving home and I heard the tornado sirens just go off.

I rode out to see the Eco Justice Center today.Ā Eco Justice Center Upon arrival and somewhat exhausted, I saw approximately 4 or 5 Alpacas grazing and trying to stay cool in the brutal heat.

While on the bike trail, I met another biker who pulled up beside me. He said, “you shouldn’t pedal so fast!” Perplexed, I didn’t know what he meant, since I was pedaling fast to pass him being a stranger and I alone. I looked down and saw his bike which had a motor on it! No wonder, he said, “don’t pedal so fast, implying, get a motor instead”. šŸ™‚ His name was Tim from Northern Chicago, going to Milwaukee. Nice friendly chap.



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