I Need A Minute


Why is it, the first thing that comes to mind when one sees or hears the word separation, divorce comes to the human mind first and foremost?

Could there not be a bone separation? Separation of Church and State? Separation pay? Separation Ratio? Separation anxiety? My point being, it’s not always about divorce.

Sitting in a diner which I do often times, all that I would concentrate on while looking at the menu is separation of calories and the state of my weight, along with good and bad cholesterol.

It came to mind, the caterpillar. Why after reading a menu, I have no clue. Noooo “caterpillar over easy with bacon, was no where to be found, nor interesting. Back to topic, a caterpillar trusts its maker, that all is well. During transition (pupa stage) when he stops eating and becomes an adult, certainly there is a transition.  It seems to be a painless transformation. As there is this transformation stage, so is with humans.

Since we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we are constantly transforming into or toward Oneness calling it growth. Staying and clinging to our old ideas, past relationships and distant past, we will never learn to fly.

Wait a minute…..

As painful as it is at times getting off the ground running after transforming and separating, one must go on even if it means limping into a new frontier with a new cloak as the old caterpillar soars with wings trusting its own.

I get it……