What does Memorial Day mean to you?


The first introduction of Memorial Day to me was the cemetery and a million flags flying. It looked so beautiful to my young eyes when my parents took us to the cemetery. Flowers, wreaths and cars driving in and out, stopping here and there. All I could think of was, “these flags must mean something. There are so many flying.” Finally, I just had to ask someone what it was all about and why.

Mom explained it well. “It’s a day and season when many sacrificed their lives for us in war and countless battles for our freedom to stand here this very moment.”

As many, I took a lot of my freedoms for granted without thinking of the cost and that lives were sacrificed for ME so that I could be free. So that I didn’t have to see tanks clamoring down our public streets; so I could attend the schools I chose (or my parents chose); so I could vote!

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Or like I was, do we take our freedoms for granted and never think of the blood at the beaches or the rice paddies in a foreign land?  Monday, the 25th of May, lets remember to say two words to those who have served, “Thank You”.


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  1. It reminds me of the people I have known in the military that did not come home. They were neighbors and friends and it’s really hard to wrap your head around. It reminds me of a man that I met many years after he was out of the Viet Nam war. He having a melt down because he had to shoot a child that had a bomb strapped to his chest. The child was pushed (forced) from behind to go see the men in the trenches, the child was crying all the way, even when he blew up. Some things are never forgotten, like seeing a grown man sob because it was the child or his men and his men were frozen, they just couldn’t shoot.

    But mostly, I am reminded that I am one of the lucky ones, my husband did come home and he is with me today.

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