Can you remember……

The very first time opening up and having to give a speech? Sharing in a class room your name and telling about yourself?

I can remember it vividly and realizing for the first time, that I was not an android. (robot) Although on this day in high school, I truly wished I was an android. (robot, not a phone) In this English class, I entered as I always did, meekly and sat in my assigned seat looking at the clock, thinking “an hour” of THIS. The minute the teacher started speaking, I knew it was going to be entrapment. Funny thing, I really liked this teacher which was a rarity in it of itself for me liking any teachers back then.

The teacher’s idea was for each and every one of us to “do” what was written on the paper that she was going to hand out. We had to hand the paper back to her and we were to proceed.

Let me back up some and remind readers, that I am from the city. I’m familiar with honking horns, smog, flying litter papers and long ago, factories. I’m not at all familiar with farms or its country. When I would see a farm long ago, I thought they were Mafia warehouses and sensed not to go near them. I also, and of course, was not familiar with its sights (cows, chickens, eggs, chicken poop, pigs) and smells. What does a farm have to do with this assignment? As I proceed….

I opened up my piece of paper that was handed to me gingerly. Gulp. Huh? On the paper it read, “call pigs”. Was there ever a day in school where we just wanted to be invisible? Today was just that day for me. Now being a city slicker when it was time to eat, for a man or a beast, we simply said, “come here” or “come and get it”. In the state of mental panic, I heard my name and I was being called on. I slowly rose and swallowed hard. I could feel my face turning red and it felt like my head was going to fly off my shoulders in an instant. I almost took my right hand  to the top of my head to hold it on. Ohhhh how I wanted to be invisible. g34

The entire class heard the teacher say, “Jan is going to call pigs”. Dead silence in the room. One could not even hear a pin drop and even the mouse was waiting patiently somewhere in a corner for me to speak.

All that came to my mind and mouth was “come here!” The teacher roared as did the class. Or those that were from the country. Needless to say, I was corrected. The term that pigs like to hear is sooey! I have it down pat now so when ever I go out to eat with someone who can endure my antics or have someone over, all that comes to mind is sooey, sooey, sooey.

That day is remembered as infamy for me. As I left the class after listening to the others, I had to look under my desk to see if I left anything. Use your imagination. A clue…..I wasn’t looking for sooey! minimonmonarch


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