A Spring Day II

Two people on a bridge looking beyond
Sharing and caring
Intimately, politically or just generally
Two souls meet.

Listening to the rapids below
Viewing, wondering the depths of pebbles so low
Racing waters scurry with rapid direction
Only to follow the flow.

Children climbing spontaneously upward
Eager to reach the top awkwardly atop the monkey bars
Reaching the stars, not wanting to get scars
Onward and upward groping, stretching as victorious czars.

The air is still raw and hazy
Stumbling upon a cut tree trunk so balky
Rings are many telling of age
To many to count.

So it goes, another spring day waiting for real spring
Anxious birds flutter along like the babbling brook
Bathing, bunting and bashing the raw air
Only to say, lets wait a tad more, is only fair.