How many of you have seen the movie Whiplash?

The other night I watched it and could not help but sit on the edge of my seat. No, I’m not a drummer nor a musician in any fashion except when I eat beans. That was crude I know, but that is all that came to mind when thinking of musical for myself. Now back to the movie….

This movie is a drama movie and can be very intense. Being a Type A personality on some days myself, although not overly intense, I found this to be over the top.

Both main characters played their parts exceptionally well. The drummer, Miles Teller and the instructor, J K Simmons developed an incredible relationship.

Not knowing how many have seen or not seen this movie, I just want to comment. My thoughts, “WOW, a mentor turns tormentor.” Right before my eyes I saw the drummer self destructive for the sole goal of being a perfect jazz drummer. The word and achievement, “perfection” itself is sooo out of reach for human attainment. To have such drive, focus and border line delusional “hope” to be PERFECT not only for ones-self AND instructor to the point of being self-destructive AND homicidal is incomprehensible to me. smiley-music015

My reason, God is the only perfection throughout the universe.