Muffins and Shoes

Yesterday I attended my house of worship and when the sermon was being said, I couldn’t help my thoughts wandering. I looked down at my shoes and thought of the time we tried to chase around looking for new shoes for mom in the last year or so. I also thought of muffins. Yes, muffins. Yawning, I remembered picking up muffins after church for mom and I, to have upon my arrival home. One of those moments when I forget, that is no longer to be.

Not sure today, what the sermon was about. I really tried to stay focused, but the smell of banana nut muffins and new shoes, seemed to have taken top priority in my thought process.

Gee, did they have banana nut muffins during Jesus’s time on earth? My goodness, certainly not interested in new shoes since sandals were in back then.

Oh wellll always next week. Just sharing.

One thought on “Muffins and Shoes

  1. JJ

    Been there, Janice. Our mind makes so many connections that sometimes we cannot fathom where on earth that thought is coming from. It’s just memories. Indulge and go down memory lane, there are some great finds there.


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