It has been awhile…

WOW! Time sure has gotten away from me and so has the this blog.

Today, I’m just going to blog how its been since mom has past. As they say, in the grief process, we hit the walls of emotions with a bang and come away with emotional concussions.

Out of the blue the other day, while I was folding clothes in the basement a tsunami of tears and emotion came gushing down out of no where. As I was putting the clothes on rinse cycle, I couldn’t help but think about the tears streaming down my face as being just that, a rinse cycle. I’m told these moments will come and go. All I could think of was oh SWELL!

Today is a sunny day and I plan to get out for a walk in a park with a walking odometer on my hip. I’ll faint tonight when I view that and see how much ground I covered.

So my dear viewers, enjoy every moment and love the ones you are with. penguin