Unpluggin in a Wired World!

I couldn’t help this morning upon awakening, what the day would bring. Or what would I bring into the day.


A thought came to mind or a question. How many of us awake, arise and dive for our iphones, ipads or desktops? As the functions of the body calls, I would like to think our learned behavior has taught us to fly to the bidet, we stand up, sit down or if you are skillful, do both, and submit to the calling.


The gender that I am, I prefer to sit in the mornings, (I’m not THAT skillful) but I found myself this morning viewing my e-mails off my iphone while visiting the plastic (use to be porcelain) thrown.  Ahemmmm, how many of us plug into the wired world before even entering into the physical world and conquer what is before us? 


I’m thinking of unplugging for a time from this soft addiction and see if I can go without plugging in virtually. How many readers of this blog could do the same for a certain amount of time? I’m talking about a day, a week, or even a month and what changes would we notice? Withdrawal? Shakes? (not vanilla or chocolate) Was life so bad without this virtual draw? I just may have to find out. Geeee, I may even make new friends across the fence while raking leaves without the head being attached to buds or the other way around. penguin

One thought on “Unpluggin in a Wired World!

  1. Anonymous

    JJ here. Janice, I could never go offline, that’s where all my friends are. I can’t get to the back fence anymore, the web is my world.


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