From Hardship To….

From hardship to hope to inspiration.

As some know, we lost our beloved mother to COPD 12-14-15 and it just seems like yesterday. So of course, I’m still new at the grieving process. I’m almost certain who ever reads this, has lost someone or something very very very important to them.

Last nite, I went to bed on the late side (at least for me) and I always turn on the radio by my bedside just so I don’t feel so all alone on this journey of grief. I tuned into my favorite station where there was a talk show and the subject was about “loss”. Of course, my ears perked up, that was all because I was half asleep in that emotional pain and the body wasn’t willing to jump up. I turned over and tuned the station in even clearer.

On this station, there was this couple whose names are Sue and Ken Massey and sadly , they became photo famous when they lost their farm 29 years ago in Wisconsin.

Not being a farmer, I still felt their loss and pain. Now some of you may be wondering, why am I comparing the loss of my mother with a loss of a farm? I asked myself that same question last nite as I turned this body over to listen (not easy). Grunt! In any type of loss, a part of our heart goes with it so this is how I came to stay tuned. After listening, I just knew I had to get in touch with them. Why? No, as mentioned, I’m not a farmer although I love the outdoors, I sense and felt something more. That something more was tenacity and resilience to keep going. Have any of us felt a small piece of that just when it would be so easy to just quit?

Susan Massey during her trials and tribulations bringing up five children as well, kept a lot inside and looked at that picture that went viral and nationwide. She felt there was so much moreeeee than a picture. She decided, to write a book, “Letter from the Heart.”

This morning I e-mailed Sue from her website thanking her for her experience, strength and hope. She responded and I felt as though, geeeee an author text me back! She’s famous and took the time.

I’m encouraging my readers here to read the book. I honestly haven’t yet, but hope to because when we are at our lowest, a farm family who when we think of it, farmers keep us all alive, can encourage us to keep going. So lets!