Being a Writer

I would like to think I’m a writer. Now personally, I believe deep in the soul, we all can be writers. It all means to just begin. Now what does THAT mean? I’m asking myself that right now. Maybe I should be saying “write” now.

With the loss of mom not too long ago, its like I’m still “back there” somewhere and unable to truly write what potential readers would like to read such as yourselves. I mean, who wants to read, day in and day out, about some ones grief.

So today let me just ask off the wall and please comment if you’d like. This makes it interesting. Here is the question setting aside my writers block, who would you like to spend time with in a snow globe?

Sure, I could say, “some hot guy” like Elvis maybe but he’s dead, but I want to get off the topic of death so I went to the light side of my brain and came up with whom I’d like to spend a day with in a globe.  Snow White and her seven dwarfs! Yes, your right, I’ve never had children! Whew! Many are probably wondering, “I want to get away from my kids for a day!” Fair enough.

Lets see we have Doc, I’ll need a doctor as time goes on and become seasoned; Grumpy, he’s a cool guy and my grumpiness at times sure could use company. Happy, I CAN BE that once in a while and in a snow globe. That would make for good atmosphere. Sleepy is a good dude if he’s not sleeping and sawing logs.  Bashful,  is borderline humble, so being in a snow globe would lower the din a little. Sneezy would add some aaa chews here and there and God bless you’s  to the chamber. Finally, Dopey. This snow globe needs a Dopey. Although, he wouldn’t be blessing Sneezy because he is mute.

Of course, now we have Snow White herself or it could be Snow Oprah to be politically correct for the times. I love Oprah too. Having good conversation with Snow White  and or Snow Oprah would make for an interesting day.

So there, we have my enchanted snow globe. Although, maybe a nice looking Shrek would be better still.

Who would you like to spend the day with in a snow globe?