The Final Kiss

It was a surprise to me to receive a kiss from my mother which meant so much as she was saying “good-bye”. At the time, I never thought she was saying in her own way, “good-bye” and thank you for all that you have done for me.”

It was a Wednesday morning before lunch and the Reverend and I, along with mom had finished our time and received communion. The Reverend anointed mom also with oil on this day for some reason. Other visits it was just receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion, but on this day, he decided to bring along the oil as well, to make the sign of the cross on mom’s forehead. She accepted it graciously and for some reason he didn’t bring the wine. I guarantee you, she noticed silently without a word to me but I felt her eyes on me saying, “ah, how come no wine? That’s my favorite part of the ceremony!” I thought, “mom, just for once, go along with procedure.” Lol. Wink. This was another memory made for us.

Upon leaving, I had not given her, a kiss good-bye see you soon. I turned suddenly from the door way and said to the Father, “I’ll be right back”. I went back to mothers bedside, knelt down to kiss her. She reached up with both hands and embraced my face, and kissed me. This kiss, was different from all the rest. It was a little bit longer than the others, and as I complied, I felt this kiss being different. As she looked into my eyes, or the windows to my soul and vise versa, she said, “thank you.” She knew something I did not that it was time for her to go. I will never ever forget that FINAL EARTHLY KISS. Until we meet again.  



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