Just got blown in from 2014 and I’m just arriving here. Looking out the window I see we got some wet snow. What other kind is there huh? Dry snow? We had a good fall lasting from September to the end of the year with mild temps. It was great, so now we are welcoming or despising Ol Man winters arrival.

Wow, what a ride in 2014. It surely had its ups and downs and just to name a few. Bro and sil came from Texas to visit the family and especially mom. That sure was an upper for us. The summer went quickly by with grass cutting, planting flowers and flower boxes. It seems summers are just a blur here in Wisconsin. We no sooner get the flowers in the ground and we are pulling them out just at their best preparing for a long winter.

Well the real winter is here and it arrived this morning January 3rd 2015. The driveway is shoveled and the shovel handled a little different from a lawn mower! It was wet snow and sticky along with heavy, but got er done.

Now for Wisconsin winters in January, it’s the football playoffs. What else is there? Underwater basket weaving? lol

Its onward and upward and into 2015. I wish you all a blessed new year. Lets just handle whats before us and try to keep those resolutions for those that made some for yourselves. Good luck with that. I’m not into resolutions. I have all I can do to keep the resolution to myself that I will get up every morning regardless of the aches and pains.

Catcha next time….10671283_10204319294736032_8020962828241853870_n


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