What is important and what isn’t

Recently I lost a dear loved one whom I will miss very much. Although, sitting here having a cup of java, it’s so hard not to reflect. You are probably thinking reflect on what? No not death. Not divorce. Not separation.

How about just reflecting on what is important in our lives and what we place the most value on.  Have any of us really taken the time to ask ourselves, “Hey bone head, is that cell phone really that important? The missed call?” Certainly wherever we go (heaven, space) cell phones will be asked to be turned off or none existent.

What comes to mind besides technology in this fast paced world is quality time with those we love and care for. It isn’t always a family member neither. It can also be a pet. Most of all, how much quality time do we spend with those we cherish so much? 5 minutes, 10 minutes a day, maybe a week on vacation spending time with a friend. Maybe quality time is the cell phone. How absurd.

As I sit here at my computer (technology again) mom would come into the den with her walker and sit beside me in a high back chair. She would listen to the click click  click and her mind would always wonder what I was doing. Sometimes she was irritable because she wanted to “know” and she had an inquisitive mind. With mom beside me and I clickety-click click clicking the keys, it just came to me that it was offensively impolite. JUST came to me today. Ahemmm. That was NOT quality time.

The quality time was when I stopped, took time and truly felt her presence and gave her my attention along with presence. That is quality time. We were present in each others world. We got to share thoughts with the clickety clack omitted. Our eyes were like windows looking into each others heart.

With that said, ironically we both heard the ticking of a clock in the back ground.


What is quality time to you? Is it quality time? Doesn’t it matter?    Are you married to technology that we rudely disregard those who are important to us? Yuk.

2 thoughts on “What is important and what isn’t

  1. JJ Johnson

    I asked a guest in my home to please put down her phone the other day when she was here. We were talking and she kept glancing at her phone. I flat out told her I thought it was rude. (I can talk to her like that, she’s like one of my own kids.) On Christmas Eve, there were four people in the room, including me. Three were glued to their phones. It irritated me. I’m old school, if someone starts talking to me, I stop what I’m doing.

    I agree with you on quality time. I think the time with your mom while you were clicking away was often entertaining for her as you gave a running commentary of what you were doing. Tom and I are often on our computers at the same time, but we do a lot of talking at the same time, reading something to the other or talking about stuff in general.

    One of the biggest wastes of quality time that I see routinely is when someone is out for a walk on a beautiful day, instead of enjoying the day and the sights, they have their phone up to their ear or they are texting. What a waste.

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  2. Debbie

    Morning Jan, very well written and so very true. After a death, everyday is hard but special days are even harder but they do get easier. You have great memories and that’s important to hang on too. Take care, Deb


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