The Homeless Christmas Tree II


index57This was the lil tree that was going out to the assisted living facility were mom was staying for the past year. As previously posted, I had it in the trunk to travel and put up in her room this year. Fortunately, God saw that mom was tired and called her home to her prepared place to have Christmas. Unfortunately for the tree, it was in the trunk and I just have not been in the Christmas spirit to even entertain the thought of putting it up.

Well, yesterday I found the tree which I took from the trunk and put it in the garage. I looked at it still covered and thought, “Jan, remember the reason for the season. The lil tree is a part of the season.”

I brought the tree in from the cold and started dressing it with tinsel and bows. It now is a part of the season and I’m not a scrooge. Life goes on and so does the meaning of Christmas.