A Christmas Tree without a home this year

This year I found myself attached to a Christmas tree. Not literally. This Christmas tree was to reside at moms bedside for another year. Unfortunately, it didn’t find its home.

I had placed the tree in a large grocery bag and emptied its ornaments inside. It fit just right and it was snug. I placed it in the trunk and said, “there, we’ll find you a warm place at mom’s on her end table.”

Just this afternoon, I opened the trunk and wept one to two tears. I said, come on lil guy, your still the best and most of all your mom’s tree. He now resides in the garage still in the bag with my hope that he is warm. Now, now, he may still come in Christmas, as I will be alone after all the commotion, and celebration of moms life ends. I just may be proud to give a homeless tree a home on MY bed side table.  index57

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