CIA, War and How to Win Nicely!

Ladies and Gentle the story you are about to see is true, the names have been changed~  Dragnet

Could help but hear all over the news and the CIA smoothing over torture. How one does that to a freshly water board victim I’m not sure.

I have mixed feelings about this and it appears the US again is trying to be politically correct and dainty even in war. Realizing that yes, torture is merciless but at the same time, isn’t taking out 3,000 some people on one given day merciless? Without warning? I mean, waterboarding you are given warning that one may drown. No? Or given that impression.

Yes, Americans do have values but at times that can be debatable too. Clinton in the White House, “No, I did NOT have sex with Monika!” Nowwww its the CIA’s turn to be under the gun per se and in the hot seat.

Throughout all the wars throughout history there has been torture on both sides of the spectrum. This war against terror is a different kind of war folks. We see an American’s head lopped off, I feel that is beyond torture without question. Not even a question. Yet, we are to be dainty in questioning techniques. Really? I don’t condone this behavior or tactics, but let me say this, throughout the ages torture was a reality all the way down through the ages. I think what was missing was CNN. Personally, I’m beginning to think Americans are learning way too much and as the saying goes what we don’t know never hurts us. Or am I wrong? What are your thoughts? penguin